October 26, 2012


我想你, 我愛你.. kenapa kalimat pertama galau gitu.. LOL

yey!! My final project will finish soon... just left make them together and start write the result ;)) Hope everything goes well... My 中文 is much better than I attended class for first time. Maybe it caused I watched Taiwanese drama and listen 台灣 radio (honestly, 我聽不懂, 他們說什麼 哈哈哈. 我只聽一點點) When I was watching Taiwanese drama, some scenes were exaggerated. I don't know why Chinese dramas most of them are so exaggerated. 

The job which I hate the most is cleaning house!!!可是媽媽非常愛!! I prefer going out when mum's cleaning house because if I stay at home, she'll tell me to clean my stuff either..

Recently some friends of mine said that I'm slimmer.. In fact, my weight gain is same..They said that my stomach and arms are smaller than before.. I don't know what happen to my body. The truth is I work out twice a week lolz xD.. The reason I work out because I don't want to get older ahhaha.. I want  to be stronger when I run, walk, swimming, or do others.. However, this semester is for fun. It doesn't mean I waste my money to pay tuition for playing or not attend classes but this semester I only do my research so I've got plenty free time on evening. I don't want waste every single seconds to laying on the bed. Honestly I wanna take English course either but I'll think first because I need more effort to learn Chinese.

October 09, 2012


大家好!! 好久不見.. 近幾天, 我很快樂.. finally!!我加中文在laptop ;)
我想台灣朋友,SEP朋友.台灣菜, 豆奶, 也茶.. 那個菜都好吃.. aa, 我想!!! 我要去台灣.. I wish 兩個明年我學在那.

p.s: 為甚麼, 我中文很笨了trouble in 聲調,vocab, and others Q.Q..