September 30, 2011


I've just been to Sinlui's Bazaar.. AWESOMEE!! MADNESS!!! Crowded..The student've a creative idea to sell their food. Wearing a funny board or scream loudly.. I smiled a lot that ... too sweet of youthful.. Remind me of some memorable life in high school..

Using bra to shoot the ball on seller's face.. and also hanging it on banner.. LOL

Met some of high school friends.. Just had a small talk at basketball field where we used to play around.. Or   my friends who still in high school. They open a booth that sell food.. When I pass by, they called me and guide to their booth.. Their effort is good to sell an item, using bullshit words.. Like " C'mon Jie, buy this.. This pudding is so DELICIOUS.. I guarantee.. or Macaroni.. it's special.. supeerr delicious.." I bought that pudding because it's hilarious to see their face.. So high school.. and the taste.. NORMAL!! ahahhahah....

The time flies rapidly.. It's been 3,5 years that I left this school

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