September 12, 2011

fast foward

Dui bu qi about the template.. I haven't finished edit it...

Hai Hai.... Long time I haven't written anything.. A bit surprise that blogger's changed appearance .. I've fixed my blog so I don't move..

I miss writing.. Summer holiday's over, tomorrow I start class..
Today's Moon cake Festival.. Since my grandpa passed away, I didn't receive the cake.. Even though I dislike moon cake.. It's so greasy but I like the ambiance of all Chinese festival.. Next year, I'll prepare to go abroad I hope my saving'll be enough.. Actually I wanna join Taiwan Youth something... I forgot the title... aaa.. I wanna go abroad and writing in this blog.. I like writing, meeting new/old friends..

I've just watched a Thai movie.. It's called Bangkok Traffic Love Story.. It's hilarious.. I've got tons of giggle.. Recommended!!!

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