September 30, 2011


I've just been to Sinlui's Bazaar.. AWESOMEE!! MADNESS!!! Crowded..The student've a creative idea to sell their food. Wearing a funny board or scream loudly.. I smiled a lot that ... too sweet of youthful.. Remind me of some memorable life in high school..

Using bra to shoot the ball on seller's face.. and also hanging it on banner.. LOL

Met some of high school friends.. Just had a small talk at basketball field where we used to play around.. Or   my friends who still in high school. They open a booth that sell food.. When I pass by, they called me and guide to their booth.. Their effort is good to sell an item, using bullshit words.. Like " C'mon Jie, buy this.. This pudding is so DELICIOUS.. I guarantee.. or Macaroni.. it's special.. supeerr delicious.." I bought that pudding because it's hilarious to see their face.. So high school.. and the taste.. NORMAL!! ahahhahah....

The time flies rapidly.. It's been 3,5 years that I left this school

September 25, 2011



I and sister are planning to watch a concert.. Mr BIG... I love their music and the melody of guitar.. Woohooo!!! Mr Big is a band in nineties and the member is Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, Pat Torphey and Billy Sheehan..

When I ask permission to mum, she said okay but then "Are they Korean?".. I've giggled... I sick of about what people addict..

September 17, 2011

Missing you!!

I suddenly feel miss my friends. They're in different city to study/internship.. I wish I could go there in a sec to greet and meet them.
Old photos that almost delete. It's been edited a long time ago
I'm missing you.. Miss the table which we usually sit, miss the uniform I've donated them so I haven't.  Miss the toilet which have a wide mirror where took a tons of pictures.. Oh high school!!! The place where did silly things without think the effect.. So naive

I want to buy a Polaroid camera.. It's so cute but mum doesn't allow me as usual haiss..  

Final year

I've just realized that I'm on a final year.. The oldest class in Bachelor of Pharmacy Student.. Making a final paper.. It's tough to write.. pleaseplease God help me to get some ideas..
The class's already started, tons of stuff, rules, and we've 13 weeks for studying WTF!!!! More subject to learn!!! .. I really want to graduate ASAP.. 'cause I'm bored.. Need a little time to vacation or do unusual routine..

On the 1st/2nd day, I thought maybe I should take a Chinese class, but the lesson makes me tired.. No Chinese class..

My printer was broke, I can't print the journal/eBook.. I'm lazy to fix it in Hi-Tech Mall cause the service center was full of smoke.. I couldn't breath.. My friend give an advice to take the container ink higher than printer then the ink'll run.. It worked for the blank ink but not the color ink.. I hold the container ink higher a while.. I didn't realize the black ink was out from the cartridge and the the black container run out but the color ink was stuck in tube.. In the end, my hands and foot was dirty.. DAMN!!! I have to go to Hi-Tech Mall.. Maybe I should wear a masker!!! LOL..

I can't stand why people like smoking.. What's the advantage?? The smoker is really selfish person.. First, the effect of smoking is influence surround people. The passive-smoker has higher risk of lung cancer. Second, if the smoker love smoking why they don't keep the smoke. Enjoy your cigarettes and smoke.. Isn't fair if there is a rule to keep clean but the smoker don't keep clean the air????

After lunch, maybe I have a cooking class *depends on my mom, If she have a meeting, I'll join that class*

I really love the new blogger.. It's easier to edit..

September 12, 2011

fast foward

Dui bu qi about the template.. I haven't finished edit it...

Hai Hai.... Long time I haven't written anything.. A bit surprise that blogger's changed appearance .. I've fixed my blog so I don't move..

I miss writing.. Summer holiday's over, tomorrow I start class..
Today's Moon cake Festival.. Since my grandpa passed away, I didn't receive the cake.. Even though I dislike moon cake.. It's so greasy but I like the ambiance of all Chinese festival.. Next year, I'll prepare to go abroad I hope my saving'll be enough.. Actually I wanna join Taiwan Youth something... I forgot the title... aaa.. I wanna go abroad and writing in this blog.. I like writing, meeting new/old friends..

I've just watched a Thai movie.. It's called Bangkok Traffic Love Story.. It's hilarious.. I've got tons of giggle.. Recommended!!!