August 02, 2011

a bit grumble

Tee Hee!! Haven't written in ages.. I'm still alive but really hard to write in spare time. I'm on holiday.. Where do I go?? Nowhere.

I was in Bandung and Jakarta for 2 night for Study Excursive.. Visited some pharmaceutical factories, a hospital, and visited School of Pharmacy in Institute of Technology Bandung. A night in Bandung, either in Jakarta. Honestly, I don't like Bandung but I often go there *compare to Bali/Jakarta*. I didn't anywhere when I was in Jakarta. The schedule was so compact. It was different than Bandung. In Jakarta, I was at Dunia Fantasi *Damn!! Who arranged the schedule?? We ain't a child!!* Anyway, we'd wanted escape but considered that the traffic in Jakarta. So, we trapped in DuFan.. You know, I rode a big wheel and entered mirror house,etc. I didn't try any games. If I ride on, I've got a nausea... Not enjoy a lot but everything seems good when my friends around me.
Disappointed about what I've done. My GPA's getting down. Scared about next year, will have the final project test.. This is the last year.. Time runs fast.

English Course.
I think mine is getting worst. Quite don't hear/understand what the tape/ she says. My tutor isn't great enough but I like her. She's young, maybe the first time being an ESL teacher, and comes to Surabaya. She's honest, if she doesn't know she tells it. Even thought, she doesn't know the answer, I think she does the best to search what the answer is.

Sorry I post in Bahasa, I'm so upset...
Perasaan di KWN biyen pas SD diajari namanya TOLERANSI... Tapi rasanya sekarang kata TOLERANSI sudah pudar atau malah dihapus di Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia. Kenapa harus MENOLERANSI, padahal dirinya tidak pernah BERTOLERANSI...

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