March 15, 2011


Hellooww, fellas.. Long time no use this blog.. Lazy.. My writing becomes suck *since, I rarely write in this blog* My English-assignments get only 6 of 10 *both*..whaats!!! diediedie.... I thought this term I didn't well.. A bit lazy to attend the class.. New friends who I couldn't connect them *Now, much better*..
This night, I did IELTS simulation test (IST).. The hardest IST I've ever had.. The reading section whooaaammm... it was long.. 2 pages of paper.. to answer it, we've to understand what it means.. oh god!!!

I've decide to join my lecture's project as my final paper. I've thought it about a week. I join it because:
1. I like her. She's kind, nice
2. I like the department, Biotech. I liked pharmaceutical tech dept because it's easy but hard to enter there *lots of fans so they use GPA* After, I thought, pharmaceutical tech dept hasn't challenge.
3. This theme of project is HOT!!! So if there's a prof from abroad who interested and I've good IELTS/TOEFL mark, I have opportunity to get masters study in abroad *hurray!!!*

and God please bless me!!

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