March 26, 2011


I didn’t get Best Student yeah the title isn’t quite important but I didn’t do the best all the time :( The final test got C *whaattss???* and the worst surprise is Mock IETLS; the listening part gets 26/40 and the reading part gets 15/40.. Oh gosh!!! Am I dumb or blind?? Can’t read or hear properly??

Lots of assignments that must to do from school.. The assignments are out of reach, my teacher gave 2 and it need int’l journals*FYI, I don’t know where I find it. Only the abstract is free. Never search it before* She collects them before mid test. I’m going to be INSANE!!! I don’t take 3 credits… I have 18 others… They’re also IMPORTANT…

Today, I don’t want to think it…. This day is absolutely hectic. I have to

go to bank to re-open my account for a scholarship *I’ve got it hahaha…moneymoneymoney*, labs for making liquid media *my final project/paper a.k.a SKRIPSI*,
have Pharmacology lecture *last week, I was absent so I don’t miss this class*,
buy new shoes *had been to GM but the stock was empty, then went to GC*
take the English report
HAVE A PARTY. My aunt’s 50th wedding anniversary. Meeting up lots of cousins, aunties, uncles, grandpa, grandma… Love it!!!

About the party, I was dumb.. They spoke Chinese during the party.. I feel ashamed *I wanna take Chinese course but how I can do it? I’m busy… Whan I was speaking English but mine is getting suck… It’s annoying…Met my uncle who wanted adopt me about 10 years ago hahaha.. Unfortunately, I didn’t say YES.. If he’d ask again, I said ABSOLUTELY YESS, Uncle…Pleasure!!! Take me!!!LOL~~… If I adopted, I wouldn’t live in Surabaya hahahha…

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