November 25, 2010

Harry Potter

I watched it! Finally.. The movie isn't good or thriller as my expectation.. I give it 8 (scale 1-10).. Watching at Galaxy XXI and I'm so disappointed.. The film paused about 5 minutes and the sound broken about 30 minutes *slow and wasn't stereo*

Hmm.. What should I tell to you?? Life walks as usual, School's dammit!! A lot of assignments, Friends help to cheer me up. Nothing special. Oh yeah!! I hope KKN get in Surabaya.. Bless me God

November 20, 2010


You know, I often tell that pharmacy isn't easy, or it killing me softly... I'm tired.. I've slept about 5 hours for 3 days... I couldn't study well.. I'm scared when I'm thinking 'bout result of exams... This weeks I have to finish lots of assignment. FIVE!!! Need somebody to talk. Missing HS friends. Can't wait holiday..Wanna get SEP in Taiwan hahha..=))

I miss and lost the little things:
Reading papers in the morning.
Sleeping 7/8 hours.
Hang-out *I thought I'm kinda freak... Long time without hang-out*
Feeling Saturday like Saturday... *I don't recognize what today is"

My room is so messy. The only space is so little. Every step I do, I do on books. It doesn't mean I read or study.. It's my senior's book that I borrow but never open it. Don't have much time.
Yesterday, when I'd taken a nap, I dreamt .... Quite good to increase mood!! hahaha... Even-thought she/it/he doesn't around me =DD

My msn is broken!!! It's so bored... Dunno why, but the newest msn always crashed in this computer. damndamndamn!!! Cannot chat!!! damndamndamn!!!

November 13, 2010


I'm so excited... Euphoria.. My mid tests's over.. So happy, even-thought my last test I ain't do well.. The night before the last day, I slept about 3 hours.. I couldn't sleep.. My eyes wanted to close but the brain was still working.. Terrible.. After the test, I didn't join hang-out with my group.. I've got stomachache, my neck was pain, also eyes problems... *I pray, I went home safely...*
Arriving at home what I want to do is shower quickly as I can, and take a nap.. My eyes were hard to close... Damn!! I wake up after 4 hours.. My stomach was hungry....

November 05, 2010


I remembered that last year, the first time I met my uncle and auntie. They were so friendly even-thought I don't speak Cantonese or wasn't speak English well. Miss them a lot.. I wish next year I'm able go to there to meet and hang out with them.

Long days I didn't write. I'm just bored and tired of mid-test. They're killing me softly. The tests haven't finished yet. 4 tests to go. Keep Fighting and on fire to study!! Pharmacy makes me dying... 3 years to go to get title "pharmacist".. Bless me...

My brother come to this town yuhHHuuuu... Miss him a lot... He makes mommy worried. He's studying in Jogjakarta. As you know, Merapi Mt erupted. His residence is quite near "'bout 20km from Kaliurang" He always says "It's OK,Mom.." or "It's cool like in a movie".. hahahha... Silly boy!! Mom is worried about you... I'm happy that he got trip safely.. When I'd picked him at train-station, I was surprised. His hair is so so long... He's got bangs is more longer than mine.. He hasn't cut his hair since he graduated..