October 22, 2010


5th semester is HELL~~~.... Ga sempet buat belajar. Bayangin aja pulang kuliah mikir likuid, belon lagi ketambahan diskusi kelompok... Ntah solid ato liquid. Kalo solid si lebih gampang... Temenku bilang likuid itu 2 sks praktikum tapi berasa 12 sks hahhaha... Gimana nggak? Sebelum diskusi bingung nentuin formula, diskusi usai- masih revisi jurnal belum lagi klo diskusi ulang *so far saya nggak pernah diskusi ulang*. Jurnal OK, minggu depannya prakrikum dan ini ynag sedikit longgar. Tapi capeknya sama saja...

Tadi waktu ngomong-ngomong tentang UTS..ternyata kurang 2 minggu lagii..Ohh big nOOoOO!!! I haven't touch any materials... Cerita-cerita tentang Farkol dan Biofar, kata temen yang pernah ambil tahun lalu.. The test was so spooky. Bayangin aja, biofar ada 5o MCQ dengan alokasi 50 menit. Setelah 50 menit soal ditarik, ganti soal esai dengan berbagai macam permasalahan dan ditanya apa kesimpulanmu. Dia bilang waktu MCQ cuman bisa sekali baca dan jawabannya mirip2 serta menjebak..WEW!!! Speechless!!! Kerja essai, apa yang km pikirkan langsung ditulis saja.... What has he got?? He's got C!! He's who the cleverest in the class. He said that he didn't study. Shockk berat saya!!!!

Update di tengah-tengah kerja tugas yang baru keingat.. Dikumpulkan besok pulaa!!

October 13, 2010

busiest time, knacker me


After 3 weeks I've started the 5th semester I will say IT IS THE CRAZIEST, BUSIEST TIME.... I've stayed at school for 10 hours or more (7 a.m to 5 p.m *the earliest I go home*)... When I was at home, I have to finish the projects that hasn't done yet.
What do I do??
Getting some lectures, lab studies, have a discussion with friends to get the best formula. This semester, Saturday isn't a relax or free day. Some of my Saturday, I was on school *maybe this week, either*...

Why does it look terrible???
Not terrible but AWFUL!!! I don't know why this semester seems killing me. The best thing when I'm getting home is taking a shower and sleeping. But it looks impossible. The projects are waiting me...

What do I want???
Getaway, sightseeing, relax my body,soul and mind

What the best things I want??
Finish the school aka graduate as pharmacist, getting a job with good salary, travelling with BFF

This semester makes me knacker, crazy... I don't have time to read newspaper *I've just see the headline*... Really really busy
No time to study...How can I study?? At home I search or think about the projects (liquid and solid lab studies)
The nearest holiday looks far away
The day runs super fast...
More pray to bless my health, projects...

Finish this school aka graduate as pharmacist, get a job with good salary,

October 07, 2010


Yesterday, I picked IDR 100.000,00 from my saving wallet. Today, I do either. What for the money?? NOTHING!!!! I didn't buy anything. This was my bill:
06 Oct 2010
IDR 30.000,00 for take away meal
IDR 30.000,00 - I bought a box of paper
IDR 17.500,00 - bought a pen
IDR 3.000,00 - parking fee at school and book store
IDR 9.000,00 - lunch
Total IDR 89.500,00 where was my IDR 12.500,00?!!!

07 Oct 2010
IDR 70.000,00 bought a book
IDR 11.000,00 - meals
IDR 5.000,00 - photocopy
Total IDR 87.000,00 in my wallet is IDR 15.000,00

I used to be good to manage money but since 3 month ago, I'm not. I don't know why. I always want to buy things if I go to mall. I feels don't have enough clothes eventhought I've just bought 2 new shirts.

Welcome home, Daddy!!! Get well soon... ^____^