August 29, 2010

birthday blast

My birthday was on last week. It was a bit weird. I usually celebrate with my ‘lil bro. This year, my ‘lil bro isn’t at home. This year, we don’t eat at home like usual. I ate with my sister @XO Suki. That my treat, because I promised something to her but I didn’t remember what I promised… Or she lied to me ~LOL… Actually, I accompanied my mom…But she didn’t want. She was full. My daddy and elder bro hadn’t been at home.

This is my wishes list:
-. Blessing my family, give us luck, happiness, long life, free from bad luck..
-. Be a better person. Do more charity, more patience, more serious…
-. Increase my GPA
-. Save more money
-. Join APPS 2011 in Jogja and IPSF 2011 in Thailand.
-. Travel with friends.
-. Losing weight gain
-. In relationship ~LOL... *My BFF’s wish*
-. ...etc…

Thank you for loving me... Give me calls, message, write on my wall, or gifts. I LOOVEE YOUU Mom, dad, sister, brothers and all of you, my precious friends... Xie-xie for your wishes and being my friends... LOVE YOUU AALLL!!!

I’m 20 YO but feel 18 YO… I don’t want dress like women...I like being daddy girl ;p Is it wrong? Many people, who have same as age, dress weird. They make up like to the party even thought they go the mall or dress like 25’s… I don’t know why they like dress older than their age…

August 22, 2010


I'm a bit nervous..Less than a week, I'm going to twenties.. Scarryy!!!~LOL...The wrinkle will appear..Ageing..Ohh.. I have to use sunblock and skincare often. Not to lazy anymore!!!
This week I'll go to saloon to cut my hair. It's awful and to against bad luck *before birthday*.
On Thursday, I've welcome party to Catholic students. There is a few Catholic student this year.

I want get a new cellphone. I don't want BlackBerry. My cellphone is old enough. I got this at 2006. 4 years ago but there isn't any problems with keypad, screen or headset. Everything is fine. I suppose mom doesn't buy me a new cellphone.

Last Friday, I've tried Ramen 38 at Sutos. I ordered Jigoku Ramen. It was SUPER HOT!!! Even though I choosed level 1.. There was level 1-11..More level means more hot.. On their menus there is a quote:
Oh GOSH!!! I can't imagine if I choose level 11.. The taste, I thought Ajisen Ramen is better. The price, It's quite expensive. I ordered small ramen and ice tea, it was IDR 53.000,00..And I wasn't full
*Sorry no picture*
I suggested eat at XO Suki. It's better than Ramen 38. The amount of 6 plates is IDR 94.000,00 for couple. With BCA. Pay 1 for 2. I was full..

In the end of Friday... I'm bankrupt!!! On that day, I wasted IDR 100.000,00!! What a fool I'm!! No hanging out for next week..

August 19, 2010


tiap kali posting mau pergi dengan teman di keesokan hari mesti gagal.. Today, I don't go with SHS-girl. But I go with university friends. B brings her friend, C and C's BF. C's bf was my neighbour class. We studied at same school but different class. Never talk. Just know his name is I. His class is prestigious... My class is bad but I love it!!! I miss my classmate. Accixz members.. Sinlui has changed a lot. Many rooms moved.

She's a nice girl. We'll meet again on Monday *maybe* to go to karaoke. Oh god!! It's a long time I don't karaoke-ing hahahha...

photos will be update soon

August 18, 2010

Can't wait

Ah! Can't wait tomorrow.. I'm going to meet my friends. Different friend on 1 mall 1 day similar time. If I had another me. First part I'm going with university friends. Because Mr.R is going back to SG in this week *if I'm not mistaken*. Mr R is my ex-university student. Maybe I'll have fun about an hour and then I'm going to have fun with SHS-girls. With my lovely friends. Ahh.. Officially missing youu.. I can't wait to meet youuu...

Recently I'm moody. I feel bad, extra happy, don't know how to say it. For people who around me, please understand me.. Sometime I don't answer your question well. I ain't on mood.

P.S: Oh god!! Less than 2 weeks I'm going to enter twenties.. How old I am!! Btw, I'm waiting for presents.. Anyone wants give me?

August 17, 2010


I've got a new friend. Pertama saya senanglaa dapat teman baru. Tapi dia sudah banyak boong. Yang baru ketahuan sih 2.. Yang belum?? Wah tidak tahu =).. Saya sebal dengan orang boong. Apalagi kalo baru kenal udah boong.. Wew!! Rasa kepercayaan saya langsung hilang.

Dulu waktu SMP saya punya teman *bisa dikatakan teman baik* tapi sayangnya dia sering membual. Awalnya saya mikir oh mungkin sekali2 tak papa laa.. Tapi lama2 omongannya BULLSHIT semua.. Sekarang cuman jadi teman biasa. Tapi setiap omongan yang dia keluarkan, saya anggap angin saja.

Saya nggak masalah dengan bohong. Nggak munafik deh, saya sering juga bohong. Tapi jangan sampai kelewatan. Ada batasan2 yang bisa dimaafkan. Kalau dalam menjalin hubungan, saya berusaha untuk ga bohong. Soalnya, yang dipegang sama orang lain itu ucapannya.

August 13, 2010



Many movies are premier today. Eat, Pray, Love is premier at United States. Love in disguise is premier at Taiwan. Lee Hom’s movie. When will it premier in Indonesia? I wanna see it. I’ve just known that Galaxy 21’s renovated since 4 August. Ahh. For a while If I wanna go to cinema, I should go to Sutos or TP. They’re a bit far from home. My holiday is quite boring because a lot of my friends enter school. But Laura’s still in here. She’ll back. I don’t want to end this holiday. I don’t have any idea what I should to do. Hanging out with friends like eat, watch movies, chat. It seems usual. I want to work part-time job. Nobody wants hire me. It isn’t Indonesian culture *working part-time job*.

Yesterday, my sister downloaded Lee Hom’s new album. Nice songs. The song’s beat is slower than Heart Beat album. There are 2 songs which similar with Baby-Justin Bieber (美) and Take a Bow-Rihanna (自己人).

August 11, 2010

I wish

This month is August...It means my birthday will come.. When?? It's secret.. Maybe, from this year I celebrate without my 'lil bro. He is at Jogja for studying. FYI, We were born in same day but different year. Will I miss him? =p..

These are my early birthday wishes list (part 1)
God bless my family.Luck, Health, Happiness,Long life.

Going to somewhere (Thailand, Taipei, Bali, or Jogja) with friends. In Taipei I will study Chinese or make some local friends hahah.. I like to exchange difference cultures

I wish join APPS 2011. IT MUST..


Get a surprise?!! I like surprise..=D

Let me think, what I want..=)

August 06, 2010

Wake Up

This week, everyday, I'm busy.
Monday: Going to Sony Service Center to fix my handycam. I don't know why, suddenly the cassette doesn't save.
Tuesday: I forgot.
Wednesday: Accompany my sister to garage. In the evening, accompany my brother looking for shirts
Thursday: Going with my 'lil bro to PTC. In the evening, searching my dress for bro's graduation.
Friday: Paying my tuition fee at bank, go to university to solve it.
Saturday: I don't have any plans. Just go to photo studio. Maybe, having dinner.. Hopefully, tomorrow is good day =)

I'm happy because this year my sibling graduate..
1.My sister finished her study. Graduated as dentist
2.My bro graduates his collage as .... *I don't know what your title is..Sorry*
3.My 'lil bro graduated high school and enters collage *His dream university*
Overall, CONGRATS!!! God Bless You Always =)