July 21, 2010

Out of my comfort zone

Today,I attend int'l conferense of medical plants @WM..Alone..Without any friends..Why do i join?Because i wanna make experiences..Honestly,i don't like being alone..It is a hard time to go by yourselve without anyfriend..I'm a person who is difficult make some new friendS..Now,I trap in b405..The oral presentation hasn't begun yet..Accordingly the schedule it will finish at 4.30 (starts at 2.00). The most important things what i learn toDay, It is hard to out of comfort zone

July 16, 2010


Holiday..Holiday.. Sometime likes heaven because I'm able to wake up and sleep late. I'm bored because I don't go anywhere just stay in Surabaya..Actually I wanna take a Mandarin course to make me busy but I'm still confusing. Where's school that good? Does it useful? Because I've ever heard that learning Chinese in here doesn't improve. Better you go to Taiwan or China if you're serious about it.

Going with my friends to the mall, it is so ordinary. I feel bored. Just window-shopping, eating, chatting, laughing, and take pictures. @home: sit down in front of computer. Oh GOD!!! I waste my time a lot. It is so different when I’m not on holiday. Every day I was tired, sometime I wanted skipped the lectures or labs. If could make it balance, it would be a nice life, right?

Yesterday, I didn’t go out with my 1st grade high school friends because one of us was unwell. We decided to postpone it. Ahh!! I can’t wait to meet you, dude!!! It’s a long time we don’t see each other.

Many of my friends on this holiday go overseas. I want to. *I wish my mom or dad read this and change their mind hahhahahhaha*. I disappointed not to join APPS 2010 in Seoul. My mom should allow me to go to by myself. I saw photos, it was great. Huhahuahuhaua!! Next week there is a int’l conference on medical plants, maybe I will attend but I’m not sure *quite confusing*. This conference is different than APPS. APPS is for students pharmacy and this conference is for students, teachers, or someone who interests in medical plants.

July 12, 2010


Today I'm so happy.. I met some senior high friends.. The last time, I met them was September 2009 *if i'm not mistaken*. Even-thought only 10 or 11 people came.. We talked about everything, about our high-school, our life, anything.. Tomorrow, JG'll go back to SG *his holiday has over*. Thursday, Heny'll go back to OZ.. Ahh, a 'lil meeting.. Next time, we have to meet *again*

More photos are in Facebook..

Tomorrow, I'm going to meet my 1st grade senior high school friends.. Whooaaa!! This week, I often go to mall to meet my friends.. And my money "goes away" from my account hahahha...
Next week, another friend is coming..

July 06, 2010


Frrreee!!!! Saya sudah terbebas dari ujian tapi masih nunggu pengumuman ujian perbaikan *moga-moga nggak kena apa-apa*. Liburan kali ini, saya banyak pigi. Seneng sih seneng banget tapi yang wang di dompet "ilang" trus hahahha... Niatannya nabung buat wishes tapi apa daya.. Semoga mami-papi mau ngasih suntikan dana hahhaa.....

Saya mulai term baru. Isinya banyak sekali. Malahan saya pikir 2 kelas jadi satu. Gurunya mbanyol trus. Pertemuan perdana sudah bikin perut sakit, tapi kadang sedikit jayus sei..