June 19, 2010

Am I..

Am I going to insane?
Am I going to die?
Am I going to freak?
YES!!! BECAUSE OF FINAL TEST!! The materials dammit lots of.. Just count down to enter final exam weeks.. a couple days to go.. What should I do?!! This semester, I didn't study well.. I'm quite hard to memorize things which I hate it... I haven't any idea to study. I'm sick of.. I need holiday.. My friends're coming to this town... I've arranged some activities to do in holiday... AAHHH!!! Before I've got holiday, I have to study to final exam..Ahhh!!! I do not want to get short semester...

June 03, 2010


Changing blog skin but for temporary. I'm tired. Really tired for this semester. My result of mid test fall. I afraid my GPA this semester isn't good enough. Maybe, I was busy so I can't study well. Next semester, my course will postpone, because I think it isn't good for me. I'm so busy and knackered. It isn't good for health. I'm often got cold. YES!! Postponing English course is hard, either. I'm still confusing. What should I do??

My Synthesis Chemistry lab really awful. The time was delayed for two and half hours to waiting iron powder. DAMN!!! The stock is ZERO!!! In Synthesis Chemistry lab nor Pharmaceutical Analysis lab. After I waited, my teacher said that we could use zinc powder but she hasn't comprised with the director of Synthesis Chemistry study. We waited the director a bit long. So my teacher made a decision use zinc powder to replace iron powder, but we must blend it more harder than iron powder . Because we didn't have lot of time. After we made synthesis, the iron powder is coming (4.40 pm). I thought, we should from beginning but the director said to put in our glass. Thank God!!!
The result my arm are tired...hahah.. Because I made blend it hard hahahha