May 27, 2010


Great!! I've got running nose, sore throat, and stomachache at the same time. What a terrible me. Moreover, I have to do many assignments from school and course. Jesus Christ, I want July come faster. After I had some lecture, I would like taking a nap. But my sister forced me to accompany her to buy camera case *She's bought SLR*. I refused her but she push me to go to with her. As a good sister, I accompanied her ~LOL...hahhahaha.... Then, I accompanied her, I took a nap for 2 hours *I'm still sleepy*.

Long weekend!! I feel usual. I'm bit happy because I haven't some lectures but I have to make final project for chemical synthesis. Studying in pharmacy makes me tired. My journey is still long. I've been 2 years but I'll finish in 3 years more *2 years to get b.pharm and a year to get pharmacist* Then I can breath freely.... Oh!!! I can't wait the moments..

Oh god!!! Final exams will be coming. 3 weeks to go.. I haven't touch anything.. I miss some lectures on last week.. Oh nooOOooo!!!! Bless me...

Next Monday, I'm having pharmaceutical analysis lab test. I've got Gas Chromatography. May God bless me so I won't get any trouble. In the end, I'll have a good results. Amen..

Sick makes me terrible and lazy. @#$%^&*

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