May 29, 2010

oh my god!!

I've just download Glee..They're so AWESOME!!!!! Eventhought I've seen six episodes. Glee is different than others. They sing and dance. The song has improved. I'm speechless to describe them.

May 27, 2010


Great!! I've got running nose, sore throat, and stomachache at the same time. What a terrible me. Moreover, I have to do many assignments from school and course. Jesus Christ, I want July come faster. After I had some lecture, I would like taking a nap. But my sister forced me to accompany her to buy camera case *She's bought SLR*. I refused her but she push me to go to with her. As a good sister, I accompanied her ~LOL...hahhahaha.... Then, I accompanied her, I took a nap for 2 hours *I'm still sleepy*.

Long weekend!! I feel usual. I'm bit happy because I haven't some lectures but I have to make final project for chemical synthesis. Studying in pharmacy makes me tired. My journey is still long. I've been 2 years but I'll finish in 3 years more *2 years to get b.pharm and a year to get pharmacist* Then I can breath freely.... Oh!!! I can't wait the moments..

Oh god!!! Final exams will be coming. 3 weeks to go.. I haven't touch anything.. I miss some lectures on last week.. Oh nooOOooo!!!! Bless me...

Next Monday, I'm having pharmaceutical analysis lab test. I've got Gas Chromatography. May God bless me so I won't get any trouble. In the end, I'll have a good results. Amen..

Sick makes me terrible and lazy. @#$%^&*

May 24, 2010


Last night, my residence was black out because it'd storm. So I played some stuffs with my sister. We made some sketches but it didn't colored by pens or on papers. We made it with light... YES!! LIGHT. But my sketches weren't good enough. It was my first time to draw with light. I had good time during black out. When we was tired enough, the lights turn on.. YIPPIE!!! I went to bed.

Here, it is...My picture

Boy & Girl
*Boy is my me, girl is made by my sister. *
I made it was uglier than her

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

Should be "DAMN"
~I wanted to say "DAMN!! PLN, I've got black out"

My first take

I wanna play again... It is really fun.. Try it!!!

The light from mobile phone

May 23, 2010

don't like

I don't like Saturday when I hate to go to campus for tutorial and go 'till night. Because it makes my weekend short and I can't relax at hum. When weekend, I prefer staying at hum and watching dvd or chatting in the internet with my friends. I don't like go out on weekend because at mall too crowded. I do not like. Ahh!! Tomorrow is Monday.. Wish me luck..

My air conditioner is broken. Damn!!! Tonight, I'll sleep without AC. Dammit hot!!!

May 21, 2010

F*#King Speedy

You know what SPEEDY IS SO SUCK in these days... I did't download anything. I want to UPDATE my ANTIVIRUS...

May 09, 2010

Saturday, Sunday, Monday

I felt a few month ago I've just graduated from high school but it was 2 years ago. Yesterday, my 'lil brother graduated from high school *Congratz yoo, bro... Good job!!!* I envy with him because he will have a prom night in Bali...What a great night!!! I didn't have a prom night because there was something troubles. No dresses, no tuxes, no ballroom, and no party. Just celebrate on school's field with home band. Oh I really envy with my brother hahhahaha....

Time turns super duper fast....Every week I have many to do list. Having classes, making journals, studying *if there is any time* and joining courses. Then I arrive on Saturday night then Sunday and WELCOME MONDAY. The first day on week. Repeating my schedules. Oh God!! I really can't wait July-August.

When I feel knacker, I always sing
" Hey man I'm alive I'm takin' each day and night at a time
Yeah I'm down, but I know I'll get by
Hey hey hey hey, man I gotta live my life
Like I ain't got nothin' but this roll of the dice
I'm feelin' like a Monday, but someday I'll be Saturday night"
It helps me a lot to face my hectic time

Recently.. I DO MISS MY FRIENDS.. Don't ask me why!!! I wanna spend time with them. Laughing, doing silly job, and more, more... Oh why are you so far away, dear??? I wanna fly to see you....IYYOU.... I wanna have chat with you but I don't have any time.. Fourth semester makes me crazy person. Many assignments... DAMN!!! I DO MISS YOU....