April 29, 2010


sakit apa to saya ini?? Semoga ini cuman masuk angin biasa.. Kemarin siang masih baik2 saja.. Saya masih bisa nemeni cece tes darah. Cece parno-parno sendiri setelah saya cerita ada varian virus DB yang mutasi jadi virus metropolis.
Makan malampun badan saya masih sehat bugar. Setelah makan, lebih tepatnya waktu maen O2 jam, saya kok merasa menggigil yaa..Padahal AC kamarku off. Sebelum berangkat les, saya minum parasetamol buat meringankan demam. Waktu di les-lesan awalnya kedinginan tapi setelah itu nggak sudah normal lagi. Pulang les, memang sedikit kehujanan dan saya kedinginan lagi. Dan bodohnya saya, nggak minum parasetamol lagi.. Alhasil semalam sulit tidur hxhxhhx....

April 28, 2010


Holiday makes me more lazy. I'm lazy to do my English homework, to write journals. Every day like in heaven. I sleep at 12am and wake up at 8 or 9...Ohh!!! I love my day. I never do that since I started fourth semester...LOL.. I spent my time for surfing on the internet.

This noon, I've a plan with my sister to go to watch a movie. I'll watch Shutter Island. Maybe, it's a good movie. Have you watched it?? But, it's just a plan. Having plans with sister, don't mean SURE go!!! or SURE DO IT!!! hahhahaha.... Hmm, How many times I go with my sister???LOL..I think every time..hahahha..Each I go out from home hahhaha...

Holiday makes me wants to go to other places. I wanna go Taipei, Hong Kong, or Singapore. I wanna go with my friends or sister. hahahha..... For having fun.. Making some experiences....It sounds so cool... But the most problems is MONEY!!!! wkkwkkwkw... I've saved my monthly money from my dad. But it's too hard because many things I wanna buy...

April 26, 2010

I'm curious

Tee hee, everyone...

It's long no write anything. Yeah, as you know.. Fourth semester makes me crazy. I haven't much time for studying. But, for this week I've got a tiny break because my exams have finish yet. So I can take a breath freely...

So I've been learning English in SP2 for one month. This term really much different than level before. In here, I do many tasks, homeworks, and especially more seriously class. In the first time, I felt bored because I wanted like SP1, it was really fun. But, I've just realized if I did before, my English won't be improve. So now I'm really enjoy even thought I do hardly.

Recently, I'm curious about languages. I wish someday I could speak English and Chinese very well. I thought, the most important things to look you smart or not are language .
"Languages. What a genius you are if you don't speak well, people don't respect to you. Math is for your logic. It is basic for everything."
(my ex teacher said like that)

April 21, 2010

what a weird me..


Recently I felt very weird...I think it's not me..Making lot of f#$king mistakes. Having a problem with my friend. Oh damn!!! What wrong with me???? THIS IS NOT ME.. I feel like somebody else..Oh God, help me out of this strangeness...