March 13, 2010


It really a long time no write, no surfing in the inernet. Many reasons why I didn' t do that. The basic reason is there was something trouble with my internet connwction and other reasons.

I've started my new semester for a couple week. In conclution, fourth semester makes me very exhausted. Imagine, I have 6 labs and make 5 journals each week. But I talk to myself "it's easy. Let's do it!!!" Being a positive person hahhaha... Honestly, I've got hand cramps caused to write journals. I wish I had another hands to writing =)...

I'm a bit scary to work in chemical synthesis. I heard from my senior, in there has many possible to get an accident..Oh God!!!Bless me always...

I've bought Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 for 3 users but there is one left. I sell it IDR 175.000,00..Anybody wants???Call me if you want

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