March 20, 2010

If I

I am not really sure able to join APPS 2010 because no one wants..So my mom doesn't allow me to go by myself. She affraid if I had something trouble and no one helps me. OK! the reason makes sense. I accept. But I stilll really damn want to come. If 'till the last March no one accompany me, I'm not going. And I have some wishes list to do in my next holiday..What is it??See and wait...bkakakka...

Every day I make journals. Write on folio, search in the internet, and photo copy friend's journals. What a bore activity. I don't have any time to study or review the materies. Ahh!! I love third semester. It was so relaxing semester. In fourth semester, from Monday to Wednesday I finish at 5pm ( I almost 12 hours at campus). I don't mind if my campus is so good, have good facilities, and isn't hot. I feels every day is Monday. Yeah I have 5 Mondays in a week. At weekend, I make journals for next week. Oh god!!! Let me skip this semester.

March 19, 2010

54 hours

My course has finished and I had 54 hours to attend a course. My result, I think not really good because I've got C for my final test *I feel disappointed and not satisfied* but is OKlahhh...

When I met with my teacher, Jon. He gave me an big envelope. I think only "give and take" but his face waiting for something. I opened and looked a bit the paper, then closed for formality. He gave me another an envelope. I asked him "What is it??" I thought the second envelope is an cerificate. But the letter is written:

Sabrina Petty Budiono
You have been selected as
Best Student
for your overall achievement and
contribution to class activities
bwahahahha....!!! I've got a best student,babe...A happy moment in the suck day...Next term, I will study harder than this term althought I'm busier than before..
I'm going to read books more often to improve my english.... FIGHTINGG!!!!

March 16, 2010


I really want to join APPS 2010 but no one wants accompany me. My mom doesn't allow me to go by myself. Hmm.. May God send an angel who accompany me to go Korea...
Recently, I had some trouble in my friends. I felt lonely. Single fighter. Eventhought, I with them but I amn't comfort. People has changed. Maybe I am. I can't connect with them. They are like stranger, no body, arggg!! hard to say. What should I do? Am I wrong if I select for being my friend? Or Should I move on??? I'm trying not to think about that. Let's it flow.

March 13, 2010


It really a long time no write, no surfing in the inernet. Many reasons why I didn' t do that. The basic reason is there was something trouble with my internet connwction and other reasons.

I've started my new semester for a couple week. In conclution, fourth semester makes me very exhausted. Imagine, I have 6 labs and make 5 journals each week. But I talk to myself "it's easy. Let's do it!!!" Being a positive person hahhaha... Honestly, I've got hand cramps caused to write journals. I wish I had another hands to writing =)...

I'm a bit scary to work in chemical synthesis. I heard from my senior, in there has many possible to get an accident..Oh God!!!Bless me always...

I've bought Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 for 3 users but there is one left. I sell it IDR 175.000,00..Anybody wants???Call me if you want