February 20, 2010

singing =)

I don't know why today I'm quite happy. I'm singing along day. From Bon Jovi to OST. Grease...Hahahaha....I've been singing since midnight when I waited my elder brother goo home..

I just received text msg from my friends and say that I seperate with my buddie, Melisa..She move to A class and I'm still in C class...I really don't understand why suddenly we move. I don't know who's my classmates now. Yeahh, I wish my new classmates as good as old classmates.

I've been to Zara, I looked a good shirt. I didn't buy because I haven't fit yet. The fitting rooms a bit crowded. My mood drop. So I plan next Monday I'll go back to try that shirt.

February 15, 2010

after a year

Today, I went to Sutos with my buddie *should be 3 people but 2 of them couldn't join something business*. Only 1 person with me. I thought like couple hahahah... She was a bit late and came when I was eating at Quali...I was so starving, didn't eat anything ~LOL..Then go to XXI, I wanna see EDGE OF THE DARKNESS but the time didn't suit so we decided watch VALENTINE DAY. A romatic film like LOVE ACTUALLY. Many famous actors and actress and they're conected.
I thought my buddie hasn't seen before like me but I'm wrong. She told me when the film almost ends...ArRRRGHHH!!!! She's lie hahahha..

At 5 I went out to Sutos because I should pick my 'lil brother at his school and I have a course @7 pm..Ahh, it's so quick meeting after a year we never meet..I really want to go out again. Actually, she offer me to join with other friends at GM. Honestly, I wanna go but I have English course, dear...

Silly me, I forgot to take a picture....T.T