December 26, 2010


December 05, 2010

freaking want it

I've got an email from SEO-SEP Taiwan... Damn!!! I love it... I wish next year I've got SEP in Taiwan.. Still thinking how much cost it... Taiwan, wait for me...

*Friends don't go home early, take me around Taiwan..key?hahaha..*

November 25, 2010

Harry Potter

I watched it! Finally.. The movie isn't good or thriller as my expectation.. I give it 8 (scale 1-10).. Watching at Galaxy XXI and I'm so disappointed.. The film paused about 5 minutes and the sound broken about 30 minutes *slow and wasn't stereo*

Hmm.. What should I tell to you?? Life walks as usual, School's dammit!! A lot of assignments, Friends help to cheer me up. Nothing special. Oh yeah!! I hope KKN get in Surabaya.. Bless me God

November 20, 2010


You know, I often tell that pharmacy isn't easy, or it killing me softly... I'm tired.. I've slept about 5 hours for 3 days... I couldn't study well.. I'm scared when I'm thinking 'bout result of exams... This weeks I have to finish lots of assignment. FIVE!!! Need somebody to talk. Missing HS friends. Can't wait holiday..Wanna get SEP in Taiwan hahha..=))

I miss and lost the little things:
Reading papers in the morning.
Sleeping 7/8 hours.
Hang-out *I thought I'm kinda freak... Long time without hang-out*
Feeling Saturday like Saturday... *I don't recognize what today is"

My room is so messy. The only space is so little. Every step I do, I do on books. It doesn't mean I read or study.. It's my senior's book that I borrow but never open it. Don't have much time.
Yesterday, when I'd taken a nap, I dreamt .... Quite good to increase mood!! hahaha... Even-thought she/it/he doesn't around me =DD

My msn is broken!!! It's so bored... Dunno why, but the newest msn always crashed in this computer. damndamndamn!!! Cannot chat!!! damndamndamn!!!

November 13, 2010


I'm so excited... Euphoria.. My mid tests's over.. So happy, even-thought my last test I ain't do well.. The night before the last day, I slept about 3 hours.. I couldn't sleep.. My eyes wanted to close but the brain was still working.. Terrible.. After the test, I didn't join hang-out with my group.. I've got stomachache, my neck was pain, also eyes problems... *I pray, I went home safely...*
Arriving at home what I want to do is shower quickly as I can, and take a nap.. My eyes were hard to close... Damn!! I wake up after 4 hours.. My stomach was hungry....

November 05, 2010


I remembered that last year, the first time I met my uncle and auntie. They were so friendly even-thought I don't speak Cantonese or wasn't speak English well. Miss them a lot.. I wish next year I'm able go to there to meet and hang out with them.

Long days I didn't write. I'm just bored and tired of mid-test. They're killing me softly. The tests haven't finished yet. 4 tests to go. Keep Fighting and on fire to study!! Pharmacy makes me dying... 3 years to go to get title "pharmacist".. Bless me...

My brother come to this town yuhHHuuuu... Miss him a lot... He makes mommy worried. He's studying in Jogjakarta. As you know, Merapi Mt erupted. His residence is quite near "'bout 20km from Kaliurang" He always says "It's OK,Mom.." or "It's cool like in a movie".. hahahha... Silly boy!! Mom is worried about you... I'm happy that he got trip safely.. When I'd picked him at train-station, I was surprised. His hair is so so long... He's got bangs is more longer than mine.. He hasn't cut his hair since he graduated..

October 22, 2010


5th semester is HELL~~~.... Ga sempet buat belajar. Bayangin aja pulang kuliah mikir likuid, belon lagi ketambahan diskusi kelompok... Ntah solid ato liquid. Kalo solid si lebih gampang... Temenku bilang likuid itu 2 sks praktikum tapi berasa 12 sks hahhaha... Gimana nggak? Sebelum diskusi bingung nentuin formula, diskusi usai- masih revisi jurnal belum lagi klo diskusi ulang *so far saya nggak pernah diskusi ulang*. Jurnal OK, minggu depannya prakrikum dan ini ynag sedikit longgar. Tapi capeknya sama saja...

Tadi waktu ngomong-ngomong tentang UTS..ternyata kurang 2 minggu lagii..Ohh big nOOoOO!!! I haven't touch any materials... Cerita-cerita tentang Farkol dan Biofar, kata temen yang pernah ambil tahun lalu.. The test was so spooky. Bayangin aja, biofar ada 5o MCQ dengan alokasi 50 menit. Setelah 50 menit soal ditarik, ganti soal esai dengan berbagai macam permasalahan dan ditanya apa kesimpulanmu. Dia bilang waktu MCQ cuman bisa sekali baca dan jawabannya mirip2 serta menjebak..WEW!!! Speechless!!! Kerja essai, apa yang km pikirkan langsung ditulis saja.... What has he got?? He's got C!! He's who the cleverest in the class. He said that he didn't study. Shockk berat saya!!!!

Update di tengah-tengah kerja tugas yang baru keingat.. Dikumpulkan besok pulaa!!

October 13, 2010

busiest time, knacker me


After 3 weeks I've started the 5th semester I will say IT IS THE CRAZIEST, BUSIEST TIME.... I've stayed at school for 10 hours or more (7 a.m to 5 p.m *the earliest I go home*)... When I was at home, I have to finish the projects that hasn't done yet.
What do I do??
Getting some lectures, lab studies, have a discussion with friends to get the best formula. This semester, Saturday isn't a relax or free day. Some of my Saturday, I was on school *maybe this week, either*...

Why does it look terrible???
Not terrible but AWFUL!!! I don't know why this semester seems killing me. The best thing when I'm getting home is taking a shower and sleeping. But it looks impossible. The projects are waiting me...

What do I want???
Getaway, sightseeing, relax my body,soul and mind

What the best things I want??
Finish the school aka graduate as pharmacist, getting a job with good salary, travelling with BFF

This semester makes me knacker, crazy... I don't have time to read newspaper *I've just see the headline*... Really really busy
No time to study...How can I study?? At home I search or think about the projects (liquid and solid lab studies)
The nearest holiday looks far away
The day runs super fast...
More pray to bless my health, projects...

Finish this school aka graduate as pharmacist, get a job with good salary,

October 07, 2010


Yesterday, I picked IDR 100.000,00 from my saving wallet. Today, I do either. What for the money?? NOTHING!!!! I didn't buy anything. This was my bill:
06 Oct 2010
IDR 30.000,00 for take away meal
IDR 30.000,00 - I bought a box of paper
IDR 17.500,00 - bought a pen
IDR 3.000,00 - parking fee at school and book store
IDR 9.000,00 - lunch
Total IDR 89.500,00 where was my IDR 12.500,00?!!!

07 Oct 2010
IDR 70.000,00 bought a book
IDR 11.000,00 - meals
IDR 5.000,00 - photocopy
Total IDR 87.000,00 in my wallet is IDR 15.000,00

I used to be good to manage money but since 3 month ago, I'm not. I don't know why. I always want to buy things if I go to mall. I feels don't have enough clothes eventhought I've just bought 2 new shirts.

Welcome home, Daddy!!! Get well soon... ^____^

August 29, 2010

birthday blast

My birthday was on last week. It was a bit weird. I usually celebrate with my ‘lil bro. This year, my ‘lil bro isn’t at home. This year, we don’t eat at home like usual. I ate with my sister @XO Suki. That my treat, because I promised something to her but I didn’t remember what I promised… Or she lied to me ~LOL… Actually, I accompanied my mom…But she didn’t want. She was full. My daddy and elder bro hadn’t been at home.

This is my wishes list:
-. Blessing my family, give us luck, happiness, long life, free from bad luck..
-. Be a better person. Do more charity, more patience, more serious…
-. Increase my GPA
-. Save more money
-. Join APPS 2011 in Jogja and IPSF 2011 in Thailand.
-. Travel with friends.
-. Losing weight gain
-. In relationship ~LOL... *My BFF’s wish*
-. ...etc…

Thank you for loving me... Give me calls, message, write on my wall, or gifts. I LOOVEE YOUU Mom, dad, sister, brothers and all of you, my precious friends... Xie-xie for your wishes and being my friends... LOVE YOUU AALLL!!!

I’m 20 YO but feel 18 YO… I don’t want dress like women...I like being daddy girl ;p Is it wrong? Many people, who have same as age, dress weird. They make up like to the party even thought they go the mall or dress like 25’s… I don’t know why they like dress older than their age…

August 22, 2010


I'm a bit nervous..Less than a week, I'm going to twenties.. Scarryy!!!~LOL...The wrinkle will appear..Ageing..Ohh.. I have to use sunblock and skincare often. Not to lazy anymore!!!
This week I'll go to saloon to cut my hair. It's awful and to against bad luck *before birthday*.
On Thursday, I've welcome party to Catholic students. There is a few Catholic student this year.

I want get a new cellphone. I don't want BlackBerry. My cellphone is old enough. I got this at 2006. 4 years ago but there isn't any problems with keypad, screen or headset. Everything is fine. I suppose mom doesn't buy me a new cellphone.

Last Friday, I've tried Ramen 38 at Sutos. I ordered Jigoku Ramen. It was SUPER HOT!!! Even though I choosed level 1.. There was level 1-11..More level means more hot.. On their menus there is a quote:
Oh GOSH!!! I can't imagine if I choose level 11.. The taste, I thought Ajisen Ramen is better. The price, It's quite expensive. I ordered small ramen and ice tea, it was IDR 53.000,00..And I wasn't full
*Sorry no picture*
I suggested eat at XO Suki. It's better than Ramen 38. The amount of 6 plates is IDR 94.000,00 for couple. With BCA. Pay 1 for 2. I was full..

In the end of Friday... I'm bankrupt!!! On that day, I wasted IDR 100.000,00!! What a fool I'm!! No hanging out for next week..

August 19, 2010


tiap kali posting mau pergi dengan teman di keesokan hari mesti gagal.. Today, I don't go with SHS-girl. But I go with university friends. B brings her friend, C and C's BF. C's bf was my neighbour class. We studied at same school but different class. Never talk. Just know his name is I. His class is prestigious... My class is bad but I love it!!! I miss my classmate. Accixz members.. Sinlui has changed a lot. Many rooms moved.

She's a nice girl. We'll meet again on Monday *maybe* to go to karaoke. Oh god!! It's a long time I don't karaoke-ing hahahha...

photos will be update soon

August 18, 2010

Can't wait

Ah! Can't wait tomorrow.. I'm going to meet my friends. Different friend on 1 mall 1 day similar time. If I had another me. First part I'm going with university friends. Because Mr.R is going back to SG in this week *if I'm not mistaken*. Mr R is my ex-university student. Maybe I'll have fun about an hour and then I'm going to have fun with SHS-girls. With my lovely friends. Ahh.. Officially missing youu.. I can't wait to meet youuu...

Recently I'm moody. I feel bad, extra happy, don't know how to say it. For people who around me, please understand me.. Sometime I don't answer your question well. I ain't on mood.

P.S: Oh god!! Less than 2 weeks I'm going to enter twenties.. How old I am!! Btw, I'm waiting for presents.. Anyone wants give me?

August 17, 2010


I've got a new friend. Pertama saya senanglaa dapat teman baru. Tapi dia sudah banyak boong. Yang baru ketahuan sih 2.. Yang belum?? Wah tidak tahu =).. Saya sebal dengan orang boong. Apalagi kalo baru kenal udah boong.. Wew!! Rasa kepercayaan saya langsung hilang.

Dulu waktu SMP saya punya teman *bisa dikatakan teman baik* tapi sayangnya dia sering membual. Awalnya saya mikir oh mungkin sekali2 tak papa laa.. Tapi lama2 omongannya BULLSHIT semua.. Sekarang cuman jadi teman biasa. Tapi setiap omongan yang dia keluarkan, saya anggap angin saja.

Saya nggak masalah dengan bohong. Nggak munafik deh, saya sering juga bohong. Tapi jangan sampai kelewatan. Ada batasan2 yang bisa dimaafkan. Kalau dalam menjalin hubungan, saya berusaha untuk ga bohong. Soalnya, yang dipegang sama orang lain itu ucapannya.

August 13, 2010



Many movies are premier today. Eat, Pray, Love is premier at United States. Love in disguise is premier at Taiwan. Lee Hom’s movie. When will it premier in Indonesia? I wanna see it. I’ve just known that Galaxy 21’s renovated since 4 August. Ahh. For a while If I wanna go to cinema, I should go to Sutos or TP. They’re a bit far from home. My holiday is quite boring because a lot of my friends enter school. But Laura’s still in here. She’ll back. I don’t want to end this holiday. I don’t have any idea what I should to do. Hanging out with friends like eat, watch movies, chat. It seems usual. I want to work part-time job. Nobody wants hire me. It isn’t Indonesian culture *working part-time job*.

Yesterday, my sister downloaded Lee Hom’s new album. Nice songs. The song’s beat is slower than Heart Beat album. There are 2 songs which similar with Baby-Justin Bieber (美) and Take a Bow-Rihanna (自己人).

August 11, 2010

I wish

This month is August...It means my birthday will come.. When?? It's secret.. Maybe, from this year I celebrate without my 'lil bro. He is at Jogja for studying. FYI, We were born in same day but different year. Will I miss him? =p..

These are my early birthday wishes list (part 1)
God bless my family.Luck, Health, Happiness,Long life.

Going to somewhere (Thailand, Taipei, Bali, or Jogja) with friends. In Taipei I will study Chinese or make some local friends hahah.. I like to exchange difference cultures

I wish join APPS 2011. IT MUST..


Get a surprise?!! I like surprise..=D

Let me think, what I want..=)

August 06, 2010

Wake Up

This week, everyday, I'm busy.
Monday: Going to Sony Service Center to fix my handycam. I don't know why, suddenly the cassette doesn't save.
Tuesday: I forgot.
Wednesday: Accompany my sister to garage. In the evening, accompany my brother looking for shirts
Thursday: Going with my 'lil bro to PTC. In the evening, searching my dress for bro's graduation.
Friday: Paying my tuition fee at bank, go to university to solve it.
Saturday: I don't have any plans. Just go to photo studio. Maybe, having dinner.. Hopefully, tomorrow is good day =)

I'm happy because this year my sibling graduate..
1.My sister finished her study. Graduated as dentist
2.My bro graduates his collage as .... *I don't know what your title is..Sorry*
3.My 'lil bro graduated high school and enters collage *His dream university*
Overall, CONGRATS!!! God Bless You Always =)

July 21, 2010

Out of my comfort zone

Today,I attend int'l conferense of medical plants @WM..Alone..Without any friends..Why do i join?Because i wanna make experiences..Honestly,i don't like being alone..It is a hard time to go by yourselve without anyfriend..I'm a person who is difficult make some new friendS..Now,I trap in b405..The oral presentation hasn't begun yet..Accordingly the schedule it will finish at 4.30 (starts at 2.00). The most important things what i learn toDay, It is hard to out of comfort zone

July 16, 2010


Holiday..Holiday.. Sometime likes heaven because I'm able to wake up and sleep late. I'm bored because I don't go anywhere just stay in Surabaya..Actually I wanna take a Mandarin course to make me busy but I'm still confusing. Where's school that good? Does it useful? Because I've ever heard that learning Chinese in here doesn't improve. Better you go to Taiwan or China if you're serious about it.

Going with my friends to the mall, it is so ordinary. I feel bored. Just window-shopping, eating, chatting, laughing, and take pictures. @home: sit down in front of computer. Oh GOD!!! I waste my time a lot. It is so different when I’m not on holiday. Every day I was tired, sometime I wanted skipped the lectures or labs. If could make it balance, it would be a nice life, right?

Yesterday, I didn’t go out with my 1st grade high school friends because one of us was unwell. We decided to postpone it. Ahh!! I can’t wait to meet you, dude!!! It’s a long time we don’t see each other.

Many of my friends on this holiday go overseas. I want to. *I wish my mom or dad read this and change their mind hahhahahhaha*. I disappointed not to join APPS 2010 in Seoul. My mom should allow me to go to by myself. I saw photos, it was great. Huhahuahuhaua!! Next week there is a int’l conference on medical plants, maybe I will attend but I’m not sure *quite confusing*. This conference is different than APPS. APPS is for students pharmacy and this conference is for students, teachers, or someone who interests in medical plants.

July 12, 2010


Today I'm so happy.. I met some senior high friends.. The last time, I met them was September 2009 *if i'm not mistaken*. Even-thought only 10 or 11 people came.. We talked about everything, about our high-school, our life, anything.. Tomorrow, JG'll go back to SG *his holiday has over*. Thursday, Heny'll go back to OZ.. Ahh, a 'lil meeting.. Next time, we have to meet *again*

More photos are in Facebook..

Tomorrow, I'm going to meet my 1st grade senior high school friends.. Whooaaa!! This week, I often go to mall to meet my friends.. And my money "goes away" from my account hahahha...
Next week, another friend is coming..

July 06, 2010


Frrreee!!!! Saya sudah terbebas dari ujian tapi masih nunggu pengumuman ujian perbaikan *moga-moga nggak kena apa-apa*. Liburan kali ini, saya banyak pigi. Seneng sih seneng banget tapi yang wang di dompet "ilang" trus hahahha... Niatannya nabung buat wishes tapi apa daya.. Semoga mami-papi mau ngasih suntikan dana hahhaa.....

Saya mulai term baru. Isinya banyak sekali. Malahan saya pikir 2 kelas jadi satu. Gurunya mbanyol trus. Pertemuan perdana sudah bikin perut sakit, tapi kadang sedikit jayus sei..

June 19, 2010

Am I..

Am I going to insane?
Am I going to die?
Am I going to freak?
YES!!! BECAUSE OF FINAL TEST!! The materials dammit lots of.. Just count down to enter final exam weeks.. a couple days to go.. What should I do?!! This semester, I didn't study well.. I'm quite hard to memorize things which I hate it... I haven't any idea to study. I'm sick of.. I need holiday.. My friends're coming to this town... I've arranged some activities to do in holiday... AAHHH!!! Before I've got holiday, I have to study to final exam..Ahhh!!! I do not want to get short semester...

June 03, 2010


Changing blog skin but for temporary. I'm tired. Really tired for this semester. My result of mid test fall. I afraid my GPA this semester isn't good enough. Maybe, I was busy so I can't study well. Next semester, my course will postpone, because I think it isn't good for me. I'm so busy and knackered. It isn't good for health. I'm often got cold. YES!! Postponing English course is hard, either. I'm still confusing. What should I do??

My Synthesis Chemistry lab really awful. The time was delayed for two and half hours to waiting iron powder. DAMN!!! The stock is ZERO!!! In Synthesis Chemistry lab nor Pharmaceutical Analysis lab. After I waited, my teacher said that we could use zinc powder but she hasn't comprised with the director of Synthesis Chemistry study. We waited the director a bit long. So my teacher made a decision use zinc powder to replace iron powder, but we must blend it more harder than iron powder . Because we didn't have lot of time. After we made synthesis, the iron powder is coming (4.40 pm). I thought, we should from beginning but the director said to put in our glass. Thank God!!!
The result my arm are tired...hahah.. Because I made blend it hard hahahha

May 29, 2010

oh my god!!

I've just download Glee..They're so AWESOME!!!!! Eventhought I've seen six episodes. Glee is different than others. They sing and dance. The song has improved. I'm speechless to describe them.

May 27, 2010


Great!! I've got running nose, sore throat, and stomachache at the same time. What a terrible me. Moreover, I have to do many assignments from school and course. Jesus Christ, I want July come faster. After I had some lecture, I would like taking a nap. But my sister forced me to accompany her to buy camera case *She's bought SLR*. I refused her but she push me to go to with her. As a good sister, I accompanied her ~LOL...hahhahaha.... Then, I accompanied her, I took a nap for 2 hours *I'm still sleepy*.

Long weekend!! I feel usual. I'm bit happy because I haven't some lectures but I have to make final project for chemical synthesis. Studying in pharmacy makes me tired. My journey is still long. I've been 2 years but I'll finish in 3 years more *2 years to get b.pharm and a year to get pharmacist* Then I can breath freely.... Oh!!! I can't wait the moments..

Oh god!!! Final exams will be coming. 3 weeks to go.. I haven't touch anything.. I miss some lectures on last week.. Oh nooOOooo!!!! Bless me...

Next Monday, I'm having pharmaceutical analysis lab test. I've got Gas Chromatography. May God bless me so I won't get any trouble. In the end, I'll have a good results. Amen..

Sick makes me terrible and lazy. @#$%^&*

May 24, 2010


Last night, my residence was black out because it'd storm. So I played some stuffs with my sister. We made some sketches but it didn't colored by pens or on papers. We made it with light... YES!! LIGHT. But my sketches weren't good enough. It was my first time to draw with light. I had good time during black out. When we was tired enough, the lights turn on.. YIPPIE!!! I went to bed.

Here, it is...My picture

Boy & Girl
*Boy is my me, girl is made by my sister. *
I made it was uglier than her

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

Should be "DAMN"
~I wanted to say "DAMN!! PLN, I've got black out"

My first take

I wanna play again... It is really fun.. Try it!!!

The light from mobile phone

May 23, 2010

don't like

I don't like Saturday when I hate to go to campus for tutorial and go 'till night. Because it makes my weekend short and I can't relax at hum. When weekend, I prefer staying at hum and watching dvd or chatting in the internet with my friends. I don't like go out on weekend because at mall too crowded. I do not like. Ahh!! Tomorrow is Monday.. Wish me luck..

My air conditioner is broken. Damn!!! Tonight, I'll sleep without AC. Dammit hot!!!

May 21, 2010

F*#King Speedy

You know what SPEEDY IS SO SUCK in these days... I did't download anything. I want to UPDATE my ANTIVIRUS...

May 09, 2010

Saturday, Sunday, Monday

I felt a few month ago I've just graduated from high school but it was 2 years ago. Yesterday, my 'lil brother graduated from high school *Congratz yoo, bro... Good job!!!* I envy with him because he will have a prom night in Bali...What a great night!!! I didn't have a prom night because there was something troubles. No dresses, no tuxes, no ballroom, and no party. Just celebrate on school's field with home band. Oh I really envy with my brother hahhahaha....

Time turns super duper fast....Every week I have many to do list. Having classes, making journals, studying *if there is any time* and joining courses. Then I arrive on Saturday night then Sunday and WELCOME MONDAY. The first day on week. Repeating my schedules. Oh God!! I really can't wait July-August.

When I feel knacker, I always sing
" Hey man I'm alive I'm takin' each day and night at a time
Yeah I'm down, but I know I'll get by
Hey hey hey hey, man I gotta live my life
Like I ain't got nothin' but this roll of the dice
I'm feelin' like a Monday, but someday I'll be Saturday night"
It helps me a lot to face my hectic time

Recently.. I DO MISS MY FRIENDS.. Don't ask me why!!! I wanna spend time with them. Laughing, doing silly job, and more, more... Oh why are you so far away, dear??? I wanna fly to see you....IYYOU.... I wanna have chat with you but I don't have any time.. Fourth semester makes me crazy person. Many assignments... DAMN!!! I DO MISS YOU....

April 29, 2010


sakit apa to saya ini?? Semoga ini cuman masuk angin biasa.. Kemarin siang masih baik2 saja.. Saya masih bisa nemeni cece tes darah. Cece parno-parno sendiri setelah saya cerita ada varian virus DB yang mutasi jadi virus metropolis.
Makan malampun badan saya masih sehat bugar. Setelah makan, lebih tepatnya waktu maen O2 jam, saya kok merasa menggigil yaa..Padahal AC kamarku off. Sebelum berangkat les, saya minum parasetamol buat meringankan demam. Waktu di les-lesan awalnya kedinginan tapi setelah itu nggak sudah normal lagi. Pulang les, memang sedikit kehujanan dan saya kedinginan lagi. Dan bodohnya saya, nggak minum parasetamol lagi.. Alhasil semalam sulit tidur hxhxhhx....

April 28, 2010


Holiday makes me more lazy. I'm lazy to do my English homework, to write journals. Every day like in heaven. I sleep at 12am and wake up at 8 or 9...Ohh!!! I love my day. I never do that since I started fourth semester...LOL.. I spent my time for surfing on the internet.

This noon, I've a plan with my sister to go to watch a movie. I'll watch Shutter Island. Maybe, it's a good movie. Have you watched it?? But, it's just a plan. Having plans with sister, don't mean SURE go!!! or SURE DO IT!!! hahhahaha.... Hmm, How many times I go with my sister???LOL..I think every time..hahahha..Each I go out from home hahhaha...

Holiday makes me wants to go to other places. I wanna go Taipei, Hong Kong, or Singapore. I wanna go with my friends or sister. hahahha..... For having fun.. Making some experiences....It sounds so cool... But the most problems is MONEY!!!! wkkwkkwkw... I've saved my monthly money from my dad. But it's too hard because many things I wanna buy...

April 26, 2010

I'm curious

Tee hee, everyone...

It's long no write anything. Yeah, as you know.. Fourth semester makes me crazy. I haven't much time for studying. But, for this week I've got a tiny break because my exams have finish yet. So I can take a breath freely...

So I've been learning English in SP2 for one month. This term really much different than level before. In here, I do many tasks, homeworks, and especially more seriously class. In the first time, I felt bored because I wanted like SP1, it was really fun. But, I've just realized if I did before, my English won't be improve. So now I'm really enjoy even thought I do hardly.

Recently, I'm curious about languages. I wish someday I could speak English and Chinese very well. I thought, the most important things to look you smart or not are language .
"Languages. What a genius you are if you don't speak well, people don't respect to you. Math is for your logic. It is basic for everything."
(my ex teacher said like that)

April 21, 2010

what a weird me..


Recently I felt very weird...I think it's not me..Making lot of f#$king mistakes. Having a problem with my friend. Oh damn!!! What wrong with me???? THIS IS NOT ME.. I feel like somebody else..Oh God, help me out of this strangeness...

March 20, 2010

If I

I am not really sure able to join APPS 2010 because no one wants..So my mom doesn't allow me to go by myself. She affraid if I had something trouble and no one helps me. OK! the reason makes sense. I accept. But I stilll really damn want to come. If 'till the last March no one accompany me, I'm not going. And I have some wishes list to do in my next holiday..What is it??See and wait...bkakakka...

Every day I make journals. Write on folio, search in the internet, and photo copy friend's journals. What a bore activity. I don't have any time to study or review the materies. Ahh!! I love third semester. It was so relaxing semester. In fourth semester, from Monday to Wednesday I finish at 5pm ( I almost 12 hours at campus). I don't mind if my campus is so good, have good facilities, and isn't hot. I feels every day is Monday. Yeah I have 5 Mondays in a week. At weekend, I make journals for next week. Oh god!!! Let me skip this semester.

March 19, 2010

54 hours

My course has finished and I had 54 hours to attend a course. My result, I think not really good because I've got C for my final test *I feel disappointed and not satisfied* but is OKlahhh...

When I met with my teacher, Jon. He gave me an big envelope. I think only "give and take" but his face waiting for something. I opened and looked a bit the paper, then closed for formality. He gave me another an envelope. I asked him "What is it??" I thought the second envelope is an cerificate. But the letter is written:

Sabrina Petty Budiono
You have been selected as
Best Student
for your overall achievement and
contribution to class activities
bwahahahha....!!! I've got a best student,babe...A happy moment in the suck day...Next term, I will study harder than this term althought I'm busier than before..
I'm going to read books more often to improve my english.... FIGHTINGG!!!!

March 16, 2010


I really want to join APPS 2010 but no one wants accompany me. My mom doesn't allow me to go by myself. Hmm.. May God send an angel who accompany me to go Korea...
Recently, I had some trouble in my friends. I felt lonely. Single fighter. Eventhought, I with them but I amn't comfort. People has changed. Maybe I am. I can't connect with them. They are like stranger, no body, arggg!! hard to say. What should I do? Am I wrong if I select for being my friend? Or Should I move on??? I'm trying not to think about that. Let's it flow.

March 13, 2010


It really a long time no write, no surfing in the inernet. Many reasons why I didn' t do that. The basic reason is there was something trouble with my internet connwction and other reasons.

I've started my new semester for a couple week. In conclution, fourth semester makes me very exhausted. Imagine, I have 6 labs and make 5 journals each week. But I talk to myself "it's easy. Let's do it!!!" Being a positive person hahhaha... Honestly, I've got hand cramps caused to write journals. I wish I had another hands to writing =)...

I'm a bit scary to work in chemical synthesis. I heard from my senior, in there has many possible to get an accident..Oh God!!!Bless me always...

I've bought Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 for 3 users but there is one left. I sell it IDR 175.000,00..Anybody wants???Call me if you want

February 20, 2010

singing =)

I don't know why today I'm quite happy. I'm singing along day. From Bon Jovi to OST. Grease...Hahahaha....I've been singing since midnight when I waited my elder brother goo home..

I just received text msg from my friends and say that I seperate with my buddie, Melisa..She move to A class and I'm still in C class...I really don't understand why suddenly we move. I don't know who's my classmates now. Yeahh, I wish my new classmates as good as old classmates.

I've been to Zara, I looked a good shirt. I didn't buy because I haven't fit yet. The fitting rooms a bit crowded. My mood drop. So I plan next Monday I'll go back to try that shirt.

February 15, 2010

after a year

Today, I went to Sutos with my buddie *should be 3 people but 2 of them couldn't join something business*. Only 1 person with me. I thought like couple hahahah... She was a bit late and came when I was eating at Quali...I was so starving, didn't eat anything ~LOL..Then go to XXI, I wanna see EDGE OF THE DARKNESS but the time didn't suit so we decided watch VALENTINE DAY. A romatic film like LOVE ACTUALLY. Many famous actors and actress and they're conected.
I thought my buddie hasn't seen before like me but I'm wrong. She told me when the film almost ends...ArRRRGHHH!!!! She's lie hahahha..

At 5 I went out to Sutos because I should pick my 'lil brother at his school and I have a course @7 pm..Ahh, it's so quick meeting after a year we never meet..I really want to go out again. Actually, she offer me to join with other friends at GM. Honestly, I wanna go but I have English course, dear...

Silly me, I forgot to take a picture....T.T

January 29, 2010


Wii..I just change my blog skins...I think it's so kawaaiii...

I dunno what should I talk about..~
Oh yeah my GPA this semester coming soon..Yeah I wish I reaches 3,5 or more.. Because last semester i really did hard..expect for Botanical. That subject super hard. Imagine that, you might memorize everything each class of plants..Really unreasonable!!!

O yeahh!! I really wanna join APPS 2010 in Seoul, South Korea...God bless me!!! That congress will be held on 4 July 'till 10 July 2010...Omigod!!Usually, that day, my university on final exam..Oh God!!! Help me!! I really damn wanna join....

January 25, 2010


this isn't my first feeling horrible and suck about my classmate in english course. Bless me, I have 2 friends who are very suck. that's why i call them suck:

Reason #1.
They always call my teacher with MISTER...My teacher really doesn't like and he wants called his name, Jon. The others can understand only duo monster can't.

Reason #2
Duo monster say something which not important. And if Jon said what did she say, one of monster said: "Ahhh..I don't knowlaahh,Mister..." or "Wes mbohhlaa.." with closes her face. * you're ugly so you close it hahahhaha*

Reason #3
They're so so NOISSYY and annoying...and act like child to reach Jon's attention. Exemple, they breaking the rule which is "DO NOT TURN ON YOUR PHONE" but the duo monster still playing their BB. Maybe they think it's so cool or so cute.

On bless me *again*, today my partner is one of duo monster. Yaa, very noisy and she uses very broke english like this: "Aduhh..ngngng..It's number 5..aduh mbollaaa..." She put "mbolllaaa" by spoiled voice if she doesn't know to say...

January 17, 2010


Nulisnya pake indo aja ahhh hehehhe....

Wahai sodara-sodara *aihaih*...I'm on holiday *loh kok inggris lagi?? LOL*..Liburan semesteran nii, nggak ada yang bisa diperbuat cuman ongkang-ongkang kaki dan menghabiskan uang *lama2 digampar sama ortu hahha*. Untungnya ada les inggris yang sangat membantu dalam mengisi liburan. Saya les di IALF masih level rendah baru SP1 secara saya bodo dalam berbahasa *bahasa indo sehari2 masih sering kebalik-balik hahahahahah*. Atmosfer les-lesannya sangat mendukung jadi tiap kali saya les bawaannya niat trus dan kemungkinan untuk bolos semakin minim. Ya iyalahh secara biaya kursusnya bagi saya cukup mahal. Yaa di-itung2, sekali dalam bayar IDR 100.000 laa...Fasilitasnya juga enak ada study centre yan mendukung buat self-learning sayangnya buku-buku kayak grammar,etc nggak bisa dipinjam buat siswa yang regular. Siswa regular *kayak saya ini* cuman boleh pinjam novel and magazine. Finelah!!

Ada temenku yang ngajak liburan ke mainland dan HK..Wow!!!Penawaran yang cukup menggiurkan secara saya sedang liburan hehhehe...Mau banget!! Saya juga belum pernah ke mainland tapi saya juga pikir-pikir karena barusan juga ke luar negeri *nggak sampe 6 bulan, kok jalan-jalan lagi* dan saya maunya taon depan ke taipei tabungan masih belon cukup hehhehehe....

Lagi-lagi saya tergiur buat beli new frame and glasses. Dan total biaya yang harus saya keluarkan sekitar IDR 3,2 juta. Yang mahal glassesnya karna mataku minus tinggi T.T..tiap 6 bulan sekali mesti check mata dan kemungkinan buat ganti glasses selalu ada..Ohh, bingung saya...kenapa banyak keinginan yang tidak penting seiii????hmmhmm....