October 23, 2009

. . .

Hellow people!! Sorry i rarely update blog..'Cause i had mid test..Actually mid test unfisinish.Only 3 subject haven't tested...*god bless me yaa*

confirmed!! Only one word make me happy...hahhaa...Everything is confirm..we counting that day hahhahaa...I and my sister are going to somewhere. A place in the world where I wish someday i live there..Not longger only 3 night..I'm sorry i don't tell you before..But i promise, will posting everything after i back from there.. When i go?? It's also secret...*will be explain soon* hahahha....

October 09, 2009


I love a song from Khalil Fong. The title is 1234567 yapp..one two three four five six seven (Yi er san shi wu liu qi)...This song very groovy make me dance although i can't sing but i love the beat..hahaha... First time, i listened in my sister's car whoaa i falling in love...

Today i went to imigration for create a paspor. But i haven't take photos, the schedule is next Tuesday. Hmm.. I hope next week my paspor will finish. So i can prepare other.

2 weeks later i am going to mid test..hmm, i really really not ready. Especially for subject Chemistry Organic and Botany Pharmaceutical. The material quite difficult and much. I dunno how to start learn that subjects. hmm..Wish me luck..
Friday night, i dont go anywhere. Stay at hum.

Oh yeah Bazar Sinlui open today till Sunday. the bazaar is held at St. Louis Senior High School (Jl. Polisi Istimewa 7, Surabaya). There are Roti Boy booth, Haagen Dazs booth and many more... I will come tomorrow with SHS friend or my sister... So see youu theree...

October 03, 2009


damn! Pilekku tak kunjung usai. It already 2 weeks. OMG! I ate antibiotic but didn't work well. oh what should i do? Because of illness, i really lazy open book, hang out. Oh yeahh!! On 30 September, earthquake striked at Padang, West Sumatra with 7.6 SR..Oh i'm sorry to hear that. I really grateful because Surabaya free from disaster. May God bless us and away from evil. AMEN.

Yesterday i used batik to go school. My friends used too.. Because yesterday was UNESCO validated batik is herritage from Indonesia so we celebrate. Actually i don't have any batik but my sister have one which never use. not a blouse but a skirt. I borrow from her. Funny, because many people used batik in that day. When i went to Galaxy Mall some people watched us...Maybe 'lil bit strange and weird LOL~