September 19, 2009

saturday night

*From right now, i will post my blog wih english in case not lazy. I don't care if use broken english, because i'm not british. I'm living in Indonesia which national language is BAHASA not ENGLISH. Using english not for style but practice.*

Reunion again. A couple weeks ago i made reunion with my highschool friend (same class in tenth grade). Today i go to reunion again with my classmate in elementary school. But a few people coming, only 7 people. My classmate in elementary only 18 student (include me). But it's really fun. Flash back a silly memory, sharing our school,etc. Hmm...wanna to go again. *Photo coming soon because all the photos has taken by Erna's digicam*

Ahh i'm still confusing. About patology-fisiologi paper. First, i forget if i have homework on this holiday (Idul Fitri). Second, i don't know how to solve that. Three, i really lazy to do homework. Anybody can help me? or volunteer to do my homework??

*Actually i embarrassed to posting with english but i want to. Sorry i use broken english*

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